Mama has touched many lives over the years.  This page is an opportunity for the family, and the community in general, to share with the world how Mama has touched us.

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It's not easy to say what being a member of Mama's Family means to me. It's very emotional. It's being part of something bigger than your self, part of something that's making a difference in the world. No, we don't all do the same things (and God knows sometimes we don't even do the same things the same way), but when you see a member of Mama's Family out on the road, in a family portrait from an event, or just having a drink in a bar, you're looking at a person who's "walked the talk" and made a difference in their community. But more than that, more than being people who make a difference, we're people whose lives have been touched by Mama Sandy Reinhardt. We're people who know what a force of nature Mama can be. We've partied with Mama, danced with her, drank with her, laughed with her, cried with her, had her hug us tight or had our asses kicked when we needed it.We've come to each others' aid, lent each other a hand, and rolled up our sleeves and helped out when it mattered... and all because of Mama. Knowing those golden pins are out there gives me hope.

Lori Ellison, IMsL 2004
#699 Mama's Redheaded Stepchild

Every time I see a group of people take a Family photo for you I still always get the same song in my head... "You Raise me Up". You truly raise your Family up to more than they thought possible.

Mark Eddy

You are an amazing woman. A Lady of Honor and Respect. I still remember that moment being pinned by You.. I honor and treasure that day always.. You inspire me to do more, love more..

Lorelei Storm... Xxx

I'm happy your better Mama!!! You can't leave us we need you so very much! I love you and YOU inspired me in so many ways that made me be part of the man I am today! Everyone has a fall Mama, I'm glad your on the way back up up up!!!!

Frank Vasconcellos

I have been where you have been and fully understand what you were going through. To say I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY is just mere words, follow that with a EMBRACE LONG AND HARD !!! Well that is my STRENGTH TO YOU WITH LOVE !!!! your Mama's QUIET boy/ Mama's Fonzz. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Fonzz Urbi


I am so happy that you are feeling better. I would say lets have a drink to that but it sounds like it wouldn't be a good idea. Anyhow, continue to take care of yourself. You are always on my mind and I send you my best because you deserve the best. Thank you for posting your story. People sharing their story helps in many different personal ways. You are setting an example that is a lesson for all.

Love you mucho Mama. I hope to see you again.

Love you mucho,
Jack Garcia
Mamas boy toy.

Hey Mama!

My name is Rob, I used to live in SF and the East Bay and we used to hang out together at the Sunday Beer Busts at the Eagle in the late 80;s and early 90s. I just saw my friend Eric friended you, and I thought to myself: there is only one mama, it HAS to be her! and it is! hope things are well with you.

Rob Rios

I am sincerely looking forward to meeting you in person. You are an amazing force in the community and it will be an honor and privilege to meet you.

Pandora Danger

Wow being very new to the leather world every one just told me you were the mama of all mama's and you are big out in California but no one could really tell me your story i read over you your page its very interesting to find out how it all started you are a strong woman i am glad there are people like you that care and do so much for a community you really are a true leader so thank for all you do for the community it really is why i have such a drawl to the leather community and the fact a man in leather is just plan hot but you know lol its just good to know that people take pride in their community's and give back

boy rocky

Hi Mama, I wanted to send you a quick note. I'm not able to make your Birthday Party. I'm off to Vegas for another rodeo. However the Rodeo Gang is sending one of our Royalty Team Members to the event. His name is Jason Strand, he is our newly sashed Mr Bay Area Rodeo 2011 1st runner up. A very sweet young man. I hope you get to meet him.... I told him to make you smile and to give you my love.

I don't say this often enough to the people that I care about and the people who always seem to be there doing the right thing... I'm very proud to not only be part of your Family but to also be a friend. There are not enough words that truly define what an amazing wonderful powerful woman you are. i wish you a wonderful birthday, a lot of love.. and I truly hope I get to see you soon to collect another hug and kiss.

My Love to you
Momma's Ropinfool (and rather proud one at that)
Travis Gardner

Thank you for the inspiration that I continue to gain from you.

Eryn Leather

I agree with all comments. Mama it was so nice to have you here with us but time was to short. I count my blessings and I am proud to be one of your boys. That pin that you gave me means the world to me and never leaves either my emperor's vest or my leather title vest. I Love You.

Don Hood
Mama's Pooh Boot's

Thank you for adding me. I have heard much about you over the years and the stories have inspired me, and after looking at your Facebook pictures, I am very impressed and inspired all the more. You are a very beautiful woman, and I am honored. Again thank you for adding me.

Eryn Waggoner

Thank you for being a true source of inspiration, even overseas! may our community continue to prosper. :)

Love from Hamburg
Robin Bauer

Thank you for being such a beautiful and positive influence on so many of us who have been blessed to have crossed paths with such a wonderful Mama!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Alan Joseph Bowers

Hello Mama,

I have finally found your site - after hearing about you and your family for many years. I have been involved with several Leather fundraisers over the years and always hear stories about you and your family. This year I realized that even though I had been active in the lifestyle over a decade - I knew little of Leather history. So then a new venture was born. Your family is absolutely been mentioned several times on my path as a very important part of the "history." I appreciate you having a great website and information for me to access. I am promoting SouthWest Leather Conference right now - and someone told me finding the Leather world was like finding family. Thank you for giving everyone a shining example.

In Leather Service,

I hear you & just for the record; I want to say 'thank-you' for ALL of your time & love you give to the community! You are one in a million!

Jimmy McConnell

Hi Mama,

I'm just being honest when I say you are someone I've admired and respected for a long time. You are a leader who leads by example, and you inspire people to be aware of themselves and the impact we have on others. You encourage individuals in our community to hold themselves to a higher standard and have fun AND grow all at the same time. (At least that's my take on how you impact us in person at events, as well as online in the groups, etc...)

As for your boy, you can definitely refer your boy to me and I'll help/guide him in any way I can. As for Storm, of course she is part of Mama's Family. I know and have worked with many members of your family (too many to list here, and you know them all anyway). Some of my favs is Rob Lamakis (I think he's Mama's Leather Concierge), and I think Amanda "Pup" Farrell and boi robi (my sash wife) are also part of your family.

You have a wonderful collection of people in your family and it is a legacy you can be proud of for sure. Being a part of your family is a well-respected honor, Mama.

Well, time to hit the hay. Here's wishing you a great October and a wonderful holiday season, Mama.

With Best regards and Leather Hugs,
Chuck Nankivell
Mr. New Jersey Leather 2007

Hi Mama:

So sorry I missed you at the Eagle on Sunday. I’d stopped to spruce up after dance classes and couldn’t get a cab, and the Muni bus isn’t fast enough. Apparently I’d missed you by just five minutes.

I’d wondered if I was about to be pinned but dismissed the notion, having not participated with the Family in any fundraising events. Imagine my surprise yesterday! I love my Family name, and how symbolic it was for Cajun Cowboy to have done the honors.

As I’ve said to Travis previously, I think you’re an amazing figure in the community for all the charity work you’ve done. While not good at selling tickets or counting door money at events, I do hope to help out in whatever way my abilities provide. I’m complimented and proud to be part of the tribe.

Chewy will get a good spanking from me, and possibly other things, next time I see him.

Gerald Hill
Mama’s Creole Cowboy

Hey Mama.

I got to spend a few days with boy Andrew this week, and also got some really genuine heartfelt emails from people that I never thought I'd hear from again.. Daddy Chris, Boy Jack.....; So THANK YOU... I was very defeated when I sent you that last email, but getting the strength and courage that I need to go thru another round of chemo... SO THANK YOU.....

BUT more important, please let anyone of our New Jersey winners that if they need anything from me, I'm theirs.... I'm down in southern Jersey, and willing to lend a hard.

Mama you gave me such a needed boost the other day, I don't know how to thank you.

Boy Jeffer
American Leatherboy 2003

Dearest Mama,

Although it's been nearly 5 years since I moved away from San Francisco to marry my wonderful wife in Massachusetts, I am so pleased and honored to be MAMA'S TROUBLE from so far away. I wear my pin proudly on my coat and represent you here in New England. I feel a shiver of happiness whenever I remember my time in the SF Leather community and how special you have made it for everyone. Thank you for simply being you and bringing out the best in people. I am so proud to be affiliated with you and so many wonderful leather folk. Missing S.F. something awful, but enjoying a blissful life here so I can only say I'm one of the luckiest people I know.

Much love,


These past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind... Leatherwalk was awesome...but between the rush of it all I don't think I had the chance to say a proper hello. Folsom was even worse with me having two shifts at the bootblack booth and having to run errands in between...which caused me to miss the family photo.

So it occurs to me that i have been a bad boy and not said thank you for the great honor you bestowed upon me by a second pin. I know you mentioned it in an email a while back and it is on the I am sorry for not saying Thank You sooner. THANK YOU!

What we do and how we do it as a family is true testament to the example that you give by the work that you do. You inspire us to to replicate that in our communities and to just do our best...with manners and respect.

My calling to be a boy comes out of that same philosophy.... to be of service...with manners and respect and do the best job that I can.

With Love,
David Shorey
Your Capitol boy
Your True boy for Life


I was at a point in my life where I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away from everything when I was introduced to you and your family. I was getting tired of being put in the middle of things that really had nothing to do with me. After seeing the love and respect that everyone in your family has for everyone, even people outside of the family, it renewed my faith in our community. I may not know everyone in our family or even our community yet but during my new title year I will always be very involved with my local community. The love and giving that I have inside of me has been nurtured by this family and it started with you, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours in Leather
Sir Dogtag
Mamas Dogtag
Mr. Leather Bear of Cleveland 2009
Mr. Ohio Valley Regional Leather Bear 2009


This weekend has been one of the defining moments in my journey, one that I will never forget. I wish I could express to you how honored and humbled I am to have been welcomed into your family. To have been pinned personally by you in front of my brothers and friends meant so much to me.

You have my commitment to reach for the stars and help to make a difference in the lives of others. My work in the community will continue well beyond the completion of my title year and well into the twilight of my life. I have been so fortunate in my life, my journey to be given so much, so freely, by so many and it is my turn to share these gifts in return.

Bill Hoeppner
ILb 2009
Mama’s Sugar boy


Not that I'm jaded after all these years, but as a child I grew up in a very protected environment which I have carried on in my later years with a very close knit group of people that look after me... what I want to let you know is that there are very few people that are able to make an impact on me and with your quiet grace and pure love of life and the beautiful people that are your family, you have made such a positive one on me... you are such an inspiration in so many ways!

So thank you for that, and for being such the wonderful person you are!


I am still in shock from this weekend. What a tremendous privilege for me to be pinned by you personally.

Sir Andy Liu Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR 2008 Mama's Chiness Gentlemen


WOOF! It was SO wonderful to see this past weekend at CLAW, and of course, to be welcomed in to your family!!! Words simply cannot say enough to express my overwhelming pride in being associated with you and all of the great work that you do. You truly are a class act!

The one thing that I want to share with you before giving you my information, as you requested on my pin card, is simply this........ Before I became a titleholder, before you knew me by my first name, before you knew that I was connected to, and partnered to, and the Daddy of, boy ian, aka Robert Bess, aka Mama's Buckeye Padlock, you "always" treated me with the upmost respect and courtesy, made me feel welcome, and ALWAYS made me feel like I was somebody and that I was worth a million bucks!!!!!!!

If that's not what I call being one helluva leather icon and community leader, I don't know what it is!!!!!!!!!!! You teach all of us by your example in action, not simply with mere words!

So in two simple words, "THANK YOU"!
Lekc Zhdanov ~ Mama's Russian Kittyhawk

*hugs* to a sweet woman. I've never met anyone like you, who has so much love for people. Thank you for being you Mama.

Mama's High Note


The funniest thing happened on Friday night. I was birthed by a gay male (Michael of Mama's Equal Partners). It was a wonderful honor and I was among four family members (Mama's Equal Partners, Mama's Leather Phoenix, and Mama's Little Lace) that were there for the pinning. I blushed and blubbered and then for the rest of the evening and into the morning I could be heard to exclaim "I'm Mama's Toy!" My wife thought it was wonderful also.

This has been a goal of mine since the very first moment I heard of your family. Ten thousand thank you's for having me. I will make you proud.

Ms Toy
Mama's Toy

You have been my hero for SOOOOOOOOOOO long, but I can be shy when I am off stage, so I don't come out socially too much! Thank you for so much your leadership! I am so proud to be part of this family.

Love and Peace,
Mama's Lippy Boy

Thanks for all the inpi(red) hard work you do for everyone. I once held onto you like the lamp to a compassionate path I wanted to walk on. It is nice now, to walk amongst you and the family; and, to be able to hold the lamp for some else who needs it.

Lippy Boy

Hello Mama & Family

In the last two months I have had the opportunity to hear and read second handily many of the grievous positions people outside this list can serve to complain about the LGBT community. I also have silently and grateful read from OUR list the most positive outpouring of positive gestures, giving, announcements and support of each other. In my career I function as a counselor working with people in the general community who suffer from addiction and mental health and I get to witness each day the gift of insight and growth from my patients who receive my respect on their road to better living from the darkest of depths. These are but a few of the miracles I witness each day.

I also reflect on how grateful I am to be able to be included in such a profoundly positively focused family online and abroad that creates miracles each day through our support, sharing, caring and giving. While I live on the east coast I still get to meet some fantastic and profound people in our community who share with me their personal stories of life and leather. Belonging to this family has in its short time strengthened my spirit against any negativity and senseless ill behavior we may see in our community. My gratitude begins with you Mama for creating a loving family and to the family for its power of miracles that we can focus on in this day and age.

May our family never let the pressures of difference in our community pull apart the caring and giving that Mama has founded this on. Thank you for those I have met and I remain optimistic to meet many more of my brothers and sisters in the years to come.

Those that have passed on, hold a void in my heart, for me, as a piece of love and history of our community has become a remembrance of their place of change in this world that I will not know first hand.  Thank you all.

In Service and Gratitude,
Brian Kuerze
Mama's Counselor


I was getting to the point again of walking away from the leather community when I met you. I was getting tired of the bullshit, the fighting and the egos. After going to your website and reading all of the letters from your family and seeing the love they have for you and you have for them, it has shown me what it really is all about. I may not be in the national community as much after my title year but will always and have always been very involved with my local community. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you for reminding me about what is most important in life!

Hugs, aj~ Mama's Colorado boy

I am glad you have found those like Mama to admire and emulate. She is the real deal whose heart and dedication truly demonstrate what this community is all about. I am always impressed when Mama's name is associated with an acitivity. Her family's efforts on behalf of good causes everywhere is a shining star in the Leather community.

In Leather Heart and Spirit,

Master Z
2004 International Master and slave with slaveboy tony

Dear Mama, Pantheon Awards' Woman of the Year,

Congratulations for your well-deserved Pantheon award. I can't think of anyone more deserving than you. Your tireless and far-reaching community work is truly exemplary and inspirational.

In our community, one can get pretty caught up in competing with titles, events, programs, etc. and we can lose touch with the REAL purpose behind it all. But your message of love and family has kept a huge part of us together working in harmony for the right reasons. You are awesome. In my book, you're our woman EVERY year!

I adore you,
"Mama's Lucky Charm"


Love You Bunches.....You have the best Family in the Whole World.....
Thank You for all that You do and constantly instill in each and everyone of us......The things we do for the various communities come from the heart.....its not about the much as those we are able to touch. Thank You Mama for allowing me to be a part of Your Most Awesome Family.... promise to always make You Proud Mama

Mama's Mischfboy
Boy Robi


The day I met you I was amazed at how you welcomed me with open arms, and loving unconditional acceptance.

We were lucky that someone captured that moment on film and I have it framed on my bedroom wall! To remind me what true family / community values are. One person can truly make a difference!

Love and respect always! In or out of Leather!
Your Towboy

Dear Mama,

No one more than you deserves the honor that was bestowed upon you today by 92.7 and Cingular! Michael and I are so happy and thrilled for you! Congratulations. God knows, nobody works harder than you. We wish we had half the energy that you do.  You are truly a great woman and we are so proud to call you our friend and to be members of your Family!

With love,
Jay and Michael


It was a tremendous pleasure meeting you on Saturday, You are truly a beautiful person in all regards. I am very honored to have met you. I hope I will see you again soon. Safe travels and warm wishes to you and yours this holiday season and a joyous and prosperous New Year.

Tsar Agus
Marojin Aikune
Mr. Capital Pride Leather 2005

Can't believe that I only have two and a half weeks and my year will be over.

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate and love you.

When you pinned me in January in DC was one of the most special highlights in my year. And now to have you on the judges panel with me and be here for my step-down makes me overwhelmed with emotion.

I love you to pieces and Kansas City is SOOOOOO excited that you are gonna be here. There's not another woman as special as you!!!

LOVE to you....
Randy Wrisinger
Mr.Dixie Belle Leather 2005
Mama's Dixie Belle Daddy
TOP 20 Finalist IML Class of 2005


I sit here stunned and honored by what you sent me in the mail. It will be a constant reminder that I have a purpose. To help those that are in need. If you need me CALL.

I am remain,
Dawn Shameless Perna
Mama's Shameless


The pleasure was all mine. It was wonderful meeting you. I had heard a lot about you and you entire "family" and I found it all true. Fantastic people committed to making our leather lifestyle better. Please keep it going.

If ever you are in sunny Florida please let Donald and I know. It would be great to show you our little corner of the world.

Thank you again for being so sweet.


Hi Mama,

Was just thinking about Sunday (06/26/2005) and Pride and the Parade.

I really have to Thank You for having me in your family. I felt very Proud when Snatch was on the speaker during the parade and said here is Mama and Mama's Family. It made me feel so good to be a part of a wonderful organization that does good, not only for the Leather Community and Gay Community but all the other communities and organizations and individual people that need help.

You are truly a saint and we all have a lot to learn from you.

Love you much
Carlos - Mama's Mijo


I sit here stunned and honored by what you sent me in the mail. It will be a constant reminder that I have a purpose. To help those that are in need. If you need me CALL.

I am remain,
Dawn Shameless Perna
Mama's Shameless

Dearest Mama,

Your River Family and the GLBT Community in Guerneville were honored that you were able to join us for River Pride Weekend. What a special evening we had with you and Mark Paladini !. Because your Family is large, and your obligations are many, we know that it is sometimes difficult for you to meet with small groups of your Family. That is what made our evening with you special and meant so much to us. Again, thank you for joining us for dinner at the RRR.

Love from:
Mama's Newspaper Boy,
Mama's River Rainbow,
Mama's River Sunshine and
Mama's Up the River Man


I want to personally thank you for all of the wonderful things that you have done for our community I am Will Castillo's (Mama's Papi) partner and we have had the opportunity to meet on two occasions.  The work that you do is especially important, because you have given hope and support to many individuals who have been lost. You are providing a family where many have none. I think of the tears that Will shed when we were behind closed doors at IML after you gave him the pin and made him part of your family. It is important to build up not tear down. Thank you for your love and support too so many lost boys and girls.

Andrew Tiner

I MISS the Family so much in San Francisco. It was GREAT seeing you and some of the boys in Sacramento over the Coronation weekend. I hope That was not me that Mr. Marcus was writing about me in his last issue, (Came crashing down and threw her wig in the audience) if it was, OH WELL.....Shoes don't last forever when they break. Can't wait to see all of the boys and girls in San Francisco again soon. Palm Springs is Fabulous and Sunny and I can't wait to have you here again! Thank you for all of your Love & Support Mama!

Love Mama's SNATCH

Dearest Wonderful Mama,

To even begin to put in words from your heart WARMEST give another deaf and hearing community to world, you have given to so many in the world. Because the leather community showed to see our pins from your gifts that all of us more like brothers and sisters bond.

From the day we first met in 2002 at IML at Chicago, I stared at you so hard when your face looked so damn shine and friendly to people. I knew something inside my gut that you are very respect with other people's feeling. I was mad and made my pride move to meet you which you felt surprised, I felt connected and bonded to you and me felt as though we were friends from jump street.

Thanks for all you I am wearing my "Mama's Deaf Bartender" pin proudly on my vest keep me carry for lifetime, and haven't stopped showing it off to friends yet. I've always said that all that, I do because the community is my family. And now I have the pin to prove it does.

Love you always forever!

William A. Coleman III "BAM"
International Mr. Deaf Leather 2002
Mama's Deaf Bartender

Dear Mama,

Thank YOU .... and All others that make this Family what it is !!

I Ricki (Gladys) A.K.A Mamas Sir Fire Head am truly Honored to be amongst all gathered by the Forces the gave us the Battles we choose to take on.

Since I have been looking in, reading about Mamas travels and involvement with different communities in the country, I feel truly Blessed ! to be HERE. Its been fun and never disappointing to open any message sent by the the family messenger

Thank YOU for always keeping it REAL.

There is so much to do and we do it shorthanded covering for those that don't make it to the "Front LINE" , so to speak for those of us Fighting to help our Brothers and Sisters maintain integrity while we continue to spread the message in a Positive Light!

I've been HIV+, for many years and LOTS of Hope. But as Promised I go up anyway and continue to extend my hand to those that reach out and make someone else's life worth waking up for.

Thank You for Families like this ONE that Bring us together!!

In Leather,
Mamas Fire Head

Dearest Mama,
To even begin to put in words the INSPIRATION you have given to so many in the world.  Hell I don't know where to start.

Just know that you are appreciated from coast to coast and around the globe.  From the day we first met in 1999 at Drummer I felt connected and bonded to you and I felt as though we were friends from jump street.

Thanks for all you do.
Love and RESPECT
Rik Newton-Treadway
Mama's Hooker

Hi Mama and Family,

It was such an honor and special moment to walk out with Mama's Family at last week's Imperial Court Coronation. Being a native San Franciscan, I've seen a lot of community organizations come and go but this is one that's so much more than that. With the tone set
by someone as compassionate and giving as Mama and with Family members that are continually steeping in to help with whatever the cause; from toys for tots to tsunami relief, from Breast Cancer Relief to Magnet, this is an extraordinary family.

I am wearing my "Mama's Angelheart" pin proudly and haven't stopped showing it off to friends yet. I've always said that all that I do, I do because the community is my family. And now I have the pin to prove it.

much love,
Kelly Hart
Mama's Angelheart

Dear Mama

I'd like to thank you for having the honor of being pinned as "Mama's Writer." You've done so much and have given so much time and energy to many worthy causes. It's been a great pleasure meeting and getting to know you and helping you out with your fundraisers. You are a real "eye opening" for many, showing them how easy it is to get involved in their community. No matter how much or how little, whether it's time or money, every little bit counts. Keep us informed of any fundraisers you'll be having or attending down this way in Palm Springs and I'll make sure it get promoted and I'll include it in our magazine.

Much Love and Respect,
Mama's Writer
Ron Alderson
(aka Junior)
Editor, Just Magazine
Strictly Local, Palm Springs

Mama, Thanks so much for your efforts, support and assistance. Your heart, spirit and actions are a "guiding" light of love and compassion. That is why I am so proud to be "Mama's Bear." I have to share with you that as I spoke about you, your fund raising efforts, the family and the heart of our family at the CCPN Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday I could see hope in their eyes knowing we had opened another door of possibility. One of the Board members spoke up and said, "What a wonderful women," and I replied I am so proud she is my Mama and I had tears in my eyes. Mama, your spirit and love have touched me in so many ways. I just had to share that you and the family are so much in my heart and soul and what a great feeling it is. Thanks for being that Spirit that keeps me going when sometimes I have no energy left.

In Service, Respect, Love and Admiration:
Bear Hugs,
Scott Sales
Mr. Golden State Bear X
Mama's Bear

I just want to say that I finally got to meet you Mama at ILSb/ICBB and be part of the family picture there.  It made my weekend and am honored to be a small part of your family.  I wear your pin with pride and honor and every time I meet another member I feel i have connected with you.  I think you should have a banner to be shown as part of Parade of Colors at events You may not be there but you'd have enough to carry it for you.

I look forward to seeing you hopefully at MAL in Jan
Mama's Florida Bootblack

My Loving Mama,

I want to say Thank You for always being there for me, supporting me, and always there to Listen. You have a Heart of Gold that shines through all of the corsets you wear and sometimes is on your sleeve to bring in more loving people into our Family!

Recently I just Became Mr. Barrack's Leather 2005 here in Palm Springs and now will be running for Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2005 in November. It was time for "Snatch" to give birth to "Steven" and show the world what I had to offer without the Makeup on.

Some day you will find your rich sugar Daddy but until then you have the BIGGEST Hearts all around you and I am one of them!

Love Mama's SNATCH


Some people sit back and wait for the world to do for them. While others like you Mama, are out there making it happen. I am proud and honored to be a part of such a special family, with such an Mama.

Mama's River


We have never met that I know of but I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am Spencer "Cub" Jasper from St Louis Mo. I have admired the many things that you have put together or helped with. Its people like you that make this community great. I am taking a lesson from you and a few others in my world. Thank you for being in the forefront and making individuals like myself realize that a hard and long journey starts with one step. Thank you for helping me see my steps.

With Respect and Brotherhood
Cub Spencer
Great Plains Bootblack 2004
Coordinator "Light of Love"

Mama, you're awesome!

You are more than a fundraiser, more than just one of the most compassionate, thoughtful, fun, wild, and sexy leatherwomen we all know.

You do so much more than just lead an entourage of over 600 community buffs who are just crazy over you.

Thank you Mama, for teaching us all a way of life. A life of caring, giving, confidence, courage and pride for leather people, kinky people, and for all people.

Especially for the younger family members, you've renew many spirits, with a sense of belonging through your family.

In some of our wildest expressions of diversity, I see how you empower many to stand up in public as themselves, proudly knowing that they are making a difference in the community.

And they are making a huge difference.

Mama, you a building the future leaders of our community.

You are a one-of-a-kind mentor.

With great respect and affection,
Your Lucky Charm

Hello Mama

Thank you for all you do for our community, but especially for all the support you gave to my partner Timur (MAMA'S BRO) when I was going through all my medical stuff. You have been a great sounding board and have kept both of us from going over the edge. There are not enough words to say how proud & thankful I am to be part of your family and to just have you in my life. I am humbled by your gracious commitment love and equality.

I love you lots, Lawrence


On behalf of Michael and myself, we were both very proud and honoured to be called 'Mama's Equal Partners.  We have been members of other clubs in the past, but none of them can hold a candle to you and the family we have by being a part of your family.

Both of us, have lost our blood mothers and even though you are by no means old enough to be that to either of us, to us, you are definitely our Mama. You are the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful person that either of us have ever met and for us to be a part of your extended family is an honour that we both cherish more than you will ever know. At most times, I'm not at a loss for words, but this is one time where I am. I just can't put into the exact words to describe how we feel to be your boys. About all I can say, is what I've said in the past. It is an honour that we'll cherish more than you'll ever know.

Not knowing exactly what Daddy Alan said to his friend, I'm just going to have to assume that he praised you to these people. To that, I heart fully agree with him and will sing your praises to anybody who should ever ask me if I know if you. I will simply say, "YES, I know her, she is MY MAMA!!!!!!!"

May God bless you for everything you've done in the past and may his blessings follow you all the remaining
days of your life, which I hope will be a very long and happy one.

Michael and nikkii


First and Foremost, I would like to humbly Thank You for pinning me.

I got the package in the mail and my hands started to shake, funny how I knew it was from you before even opening the package.  I waited until my Daddy got home to open the package all the way, and Daddy helped me.  She pulled out the pin and I started to cry, for this was something I had longed for and sought for a long time.

Thank You for seeing that this boy(oi) has grown enough to earn the Honor of being a part of Your Family.

Please know that what ever I can do from this part of the USA, WI of all places LOL, I will do with Honor Integrity and Trust.  Anything I can do please let me know.

Standing proudly at Your side,
Mama's Boi Eagle


I was talking with some folks yesterday, and the conversation went to "Leather Families" I think most of them thought I had lost my mind when I told them about my feelings about family, I then got online and let them all read about You. Some of them I think were in They just couldn't imagine a group of people that devoted to someone, along with all the others in the family. I walked away feeling like I had opened a whole new world for some of the people. Thank you for being such a fine example.


To you & the family I want to say:

I am honored...I feel special...and would love to join the hundreds of people you call family. You are an inspiration to the entire leather & GLBTI community. You are an inspiration to me. I am honored as well as humbled that you felt that I could be part of your family. I promise to always make you proud and to be there for you or anyone in the entire family whenever I can. I have seen the incredible work that both you and your family have done within our community and I am so honored to be included.

I think that you are an amazing woman. You have inspired so many people, including me. your generosity and loving nature has touched so many people and continues to do so.

I am proud to be part of your family!!! Thank you!
American Leather Woman 2004
Ms. NJ Leather 2004
President & Co-Founder NJ Andromeda
Tri-State Regional Coordinator, NLA-I DVP

Aloha Mama

Thinking of You and all of the wonderful work that you and THE FAMILY does for Our Community.

Mama's Lei

You are an amazing woman and such and inspiration to me. The longer I know you I grow fonder of you and more in awe of your generosity and spirit every day. I am proud to be a part of your family

Julian Marshburn
Mr. SF Leather 2004
Mama's Southern Comfort

Dear My Imperial Crown Princess,

There are so many thing I want to thank you for and it is so hard to put them all into words. I have had the time of my life being part of your family. The Love, Support, Compassion, Sad moments, Happy moments and the fact that we all stick by each other through hard and Good times. When I asked you to be my Imperial Crown Princess, I knew that you had the The Biggest Heart of Gold for the Job!

I wish that more people would be like you and we would live in a wonderful World without Hate & Back stabbing. Thank you for all of your love & support throughout my Reign as Empress and for always being a good friend. With me moving to Palm Springs, the most I am going to miss is seeing you almost every weekend with that huge smile upon your face, helping you get your corsets nice & tight, doing numerous events with you and just being in the same room with you!

I also want to thank the Love & Support from this great family of Brotherhood & Sisterhood. I will miss each & everyone of you!

Love, Mama's Snatch
The Absolute 38th Empress
Of San Francisco

Hello Sweetie,

Ronnie and I wanted to thank you for the honor of being part of your family. We both have seen the wonderful work you and your family has done for many years now.

After we left Renegades on Friday, Ronnie retold me the story about when he competed at IML in Chicago, as Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2000. When he was in the interview for the contest, one of the judges asked him the question. "Who in the Women's Leather Community did he know of and respect". He replied that he knew many women in the Leather Community, but one woman that people called "Mama" from San Francisco stood out from all the rest. He said that he constantly saw her out and about in the community working to make it a better place. She was always doing something to help people in the community with breast cancer and AIDS . Selflessly, tirelessly, always with a smile on her face, just doing things that needed to be done.

For many years, Ron and I have worked in San Jose to make a difference in our own community. Many times when I have been down or depressed, I would think of people like you that truly inspire others to be their best, and pull my self up and keep doing the things that need to be done.

Best Regards,

Tah tah Sweetie! - With much respect,

Dear Ms. Reinhardt:

Thank you very much for your very generous donation of high quality toys for distribution to needy children by members of Mission Station. Thanks to generous members of the community such as you, we were able to give toys to over one thousand children, who waited in line on a rainy day, to receive their gifts and have a picture taken with Santa.

I wish that you could have been there to see the expressions of joy on the faces of the children as they were given their gifts! It was enough to bring a smile to even the most dedicated cynic's face.

With all the challenges these officers here at Mission Station face, being a part of this toy giveaway is a welcome respite from their normal routine. Again, thank you for your generosity, for your kindness, and for your support.

Captain Greg Corrales
Commanding Officer,
Mission Police District


The city needs more special wonderful people like you. You teach us how to mirror your wealth of positive energies. You are our leather clad angel . NEVER FORGET !!!!

Best Always
Your quiet one


You are most welcome. I believe that I've told you this before but you have inspired me so much that I sometimes feel that I just don't do as much as I should. You are always on the go. I wish I had just a little bit of your energy. I would then be superman.

You truly are the best and thank you for helping me find my inner self and all the encouragement you give.

love you
Carlos, Mama Mijo


You made me part of your family up there in San Francisco, and I have worn that pin proudly. I believe in the causes, not the following. Although I am a family member, I am a family member ONLY because you asked me to be, not just to belong to another entity. You have done so much to raise awareness not only for breast cancer, but also a safer way of living for leatherfolk, and I just see your essence glittering and shining before me. I have nothing but the most respect for you, Ma'am.

Tom Crowe
Mama's LA Boy

Oh Mama!

Sunday was truly magical. Thank you ever so much! I will also treasure the memory forever. And, I’m looking forward to many happy memories to come!

Love Always,
Mama’s Private Dancer #500

Dear Mama

Thank you! It is truly an honor for me to have joined Mama’s Family. Your warm welcome will forever be a treasured memory. Rest assured, I will always endeavor to uphold the love that the Family embodies so beautifully.

Hector Crawford
Mama’s Private Dancer


It was wonderful meeting you this last weekend. One of theses days i am going to come down there when there isn't an event going on so that we will have a chance to talk. I am very honoured to be "Mama's Leather Cigar Boy" and to be a part of Mama's Family.

Thank you
Earl A. Coffman
Mr. Oregon State Leather 2003
Mama's Leather Cigar Boy

Mama -

I don't take the time often enough to tell you what you mean to me or how important you are in my life. I always figure you hear it so much that you don't need to hear it from me. I just wanted you to know that for so many years I served our community behind the scenes without recognition or much respect. Even with my titles I still preferred the background. The only frustration I ever felt was the lack of respect or not being included a lot of times. Since we starting working together 5 years ago you have somehow made my star shine bright in the eyes of so many. You continue to inspire, amaze motivate my heart. If I live to be 100 there will never be a friendship so cherished as the one I have with you.

I love you Your Husband and soulmate in life always.

Ray Tilton
Mama's Husband

Hi Sandy (Mama),

Thank you ever so much for your energy and generous contributions to AEF/BCEF! Your willingness to help others in their most dire time of need is admirable to all! Thank you also to your entire family for their wonderful donations and unselfish hearts! You are truly a remarkable and impressive group!

Kudos to you for your award from the State! Proper recognition is a joy! May you receive many more of the universe's blessings!

Jan Blouin
BCEF Spokeswoman / Board Member


I am so proud of you and the organizing team for the leather Walk. You all did an amazing job. I know how much work goes into planning this event and it was another resounding SUCCESS!!!!!

Mama's Big D

Hello Mama,

Wishing you the best of luck with Leather Walk 2003! I hope that this year’s Leather Walk will be a great success again and bigger and better than ever before!

I would have loved to have been there with y’all on Sunday 21 September. But you know ... there’s a great big ocean between the US and Europe :-(((

I will think of you on Sunday 21 September, though, and I will enjoy watching the pictures that Shane will send me.

Have a great Leather Walk!
I hope to be back next summer!

Your wolf


I wanted to thank you for coming back home to the Russian River Eagle. When I heard you didn't want to go any longer I really really knew things there were terribly wrong. But you never looked sideways at me or blamed me for their hard times, and then you came back to your seat so quickly when I took the bar back again. It meant so much to me to see you again. Even with my relatively insignificant hurdles in life you have always been a wonderfully supportive friend. No questions, no judgments, just gentle love...boy, what a great reminder of what's most important in life and how we ought to take care of each other. Of course I know you are an angel to so many others. We are so very fortunate to have you in our lives as fundraiser, mentor, inspiration, and, of course "pretty by the pool" party gal.

Much gratitude, admiration and love,
Your River Daddy, Jake


I wanted to take a moment to thank you publicly for your help and support for my brother, Tony Koester, (Mama's Hump Daddy), when he lost Chris, (Mama's Boo). To say your love and support is important to many is a gross understatement, and Tony has spoken of you often to me and my family. I know what your words mean to Tony and indirectly, me. I cannot thank you enough. May the spirit bless you and Ray with every kindness you have shown to others.

Dave Koester

Hi there Mama,

We met so long ago, about 15 years ago or so, through Ernestine/Robert and I've been impressed and enraptured by you from that moment on. Through those 15 years of discovering myself, getting involved in various queer spiritual groups, getting ordained, falling in love, breaking up, falling in love again and breaking up again, and starting an exciting new chapter of my life in the leather community; I have always kept an eye on your growing Family and all the love, compassion, inspiration and connection you have created. I may have some trouble with my neuropathy these days but I'm still going to be a part of this year's LeatherWalk. And if there is a way that this leather/minister/friend can be of service, just call me. You always have and always will inspire and warm my heart.

Kelly R Hart


For so many years I have seen you at events and we say hello from across the room. I finally after all these years looked at your website and I think you for being a positive thrust in so much that you do. Next time I see you I will come up and introduce my self in the proper way.

I thought it was great how you gave flowers to the outgoing leather family Saturday night. I hope you have a flower company and a brass pin company!

I was the daddy who helped boy tom is his fantasy.

Have a great week!
The Nasty Skinhead!


It was a great pleasure to finally get to a chance to meet you officially in person. I look forward to seeing you and assessing you in your endeavors. My partner and I have always admired you from afar with all the work you have with the leather community. We both look forward to seeing and working with you in the future.

S. Brian Williams
Northern California
Leather SIR

Hi Mama,

Thank you for all the service you perform. Thank you for all the inspiration you give me. It was so fun to say hi to you directly--shy that I can sometimes oddly be. Your love and hugs are quite genuine. Herbert was so excited to meet you. I believe your humanity reaches beyond your physical stature. I'd like to know how to do more?

john shaw

Hello Mama,

I was so surprised, honored and touched when you stuck that pin on my vest on Friday 25 July. Surprised because I hadn't expected it at all.  Honored because you said I'd done more than I thought - whereas I was just helping out my partner Shane/Dhaark Kniight. And touched because of your gesture and for making me part of Mama's Family ... you saw the tears :-) Thank you!

I will do my best to help out wherever and whenever I can, even though I'm far away and there's a great big ocean between us.

Like I said that night, you're no longer Sandy to me anymore ... you're Mama now!

With love:

Mama's Wolf

Dear Mama and Family,

How wonderful to be a part of Mama’s Family! I am so pleased to be pinned and welcomed into the family.

I am so impressed with all the time, effort and hard work that you all put into our leather community. I so look forward to meeting and working with as many of you as possible.

And I’m delighted to be one of the women in Mama’s life!

Sal Hopkins
Mama's Legend


Thank you so much for your warm wishes and support. My parents mentioned to me how much they enjoyed meeting you. I was truly humbled by all of the caring and support that was there at the contest. Hopefully I'll be able to put all that energy to good use for the Leather Community here in California and in the country.

But really, you ROCK MAMA!
California LeatherWoman 2004

Hi Mama

I wanted to thank you for coming to support our fund raising event. As always it is a great pleasure to see you. I think you are really genuine and I am not just saying that. I have been watching you for a few years now. I really appreciate how what you do is so much about others and is so not about ego and self aggrandizement. That says so much and is a tribute to your character. You always make time for everyone. I just don't know how you manage! We all appreciate your support. I appreciate your support. We also appreciate all of your men and boys showing up to support us as well. They are so respectful , kind and nice. I rather enjoy them all. I no longer have family anymore. My mom passed fairly recently. I do have a sister that is not keen on my queer lifestyle too much...she thinks it is something white people do <laugh> whatever...<cracking up> anyway. even tho I am new to your family, I notice I see so many men about town with the little gold pins and they seem so friendly and welcoming. It is like having a new family or sorts, so thanks for doing this for all of us-me included.

Sh' diva SFLDyke Diva 03
Mama's Chocolate Diva


Thank you for being there when my apt burned down in May. As soon as you found out your response was, ''Do I need anything'. Knowing that you were there, as always, was enough to get me thru and I just moved into a new apt this week. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Mama I love you.

Wayne Olson
Mama's Bouncer

Dear Mama;

This is a little note to you, and the whole Pride Family and Friends!  It was an honor to be a part of the San Francisco Pride Parade, and to march with the Leather Contingent.

I could not know that the day could have gotten any better. The shear enjoyment of the crowd, the sense of camaraderie and pride in being a part of history in the making...

When the march was over , I returned to your room, Paul and I, and partied with the brothers. Then, to my surprise, you upped the ante, by placing upon my chest, your honorary stamp of family friendship and love, pinning me "MAMA'S RIVER RAINBOW".

All that I have to say to you at this time is thank you for being in my life and being happy to have me in yours!

All of my love to:
Mama and her Pride

Arnie House
Mr. Rainbow Cattle Co. Leather 2003
Mama's River Rainbow



Oh Mama, you bring honor to our whole community. I didn't get a chance to meet you when you were down judging the Mr. Sister Contest, I wanted to let you focus on the task at hand, but by watching you and the way you handle yourself, I could feel the love that you have for everyone. I'm a little jealous that Rob got to have you as a judge. As I've now competed in three contests, I have become older and hopefully wiser. One thing is I think I learn more from the judges in the questions they ask than they do from my answers.

Mr. Long Beach Leather Bear 2003


We just love you! You are definitely an inspiration not only in my eyes, but the entire boy community as well. You have taught me special lessons each time I've crossed your path and ABW was indeed another lesson in which family is the key to success.

Mama, you are in my heart and mind! We hope to see you soon...

boy tom
LA boys of Leather


I'm not sure if anyone has ever told you, but where ever you go there is a light around you. Positive energy is contagious and you light up a room. You blessed me personally and bless all that you come in contact with.

Thank you Mama. It takes a very special person to cut through egos and years of petty squabbling but through love and a good swing of the flogger, you do exactly that and accomplish wondrous things for the community.

If you need me, please let me know.

Bill Mitchell
Mama's Cubby
American Leatherman 2003
California Leatherman 2003

Dear Mama,

I just wanted to send you this note to thank you again for helping me spearhead the sale of ads for the Lazy Bear 2003 program. We have had many placements thanks to your outreach and the generosity of your family.

In these times of uncertainty there is comfort in knowing that family comes first. I feel blessed for knowing you and being a part of your wonderful family.

Harry Lit

Dearest Mama,

I have received the Package you sent me, Actually I got it the day after I last emailed you. I want to thank you very much for them pins from your various Fund Raisers, But most of all I am most thankful for the pin with my new Mama's Family Name. I was quite surprised to get it and I shall wear it with extreme Pride.

My Lover Jerry got a kick out of the name you gave me, and said that it is very fitting. "Double the Fun", Every one that knows me says how appropriate the name is... LOL I am after all a real Fun Guy, or at least I try to be.

I am honored to be a member of your family, and I hope I live up to every expectation.

Thank you Mama.

All My Love, Jimi
Mama's Double the Fun


What can I say......I am amazed, honored and too many more things to even begin to figure out how to put them in words.

I suppose, perhaps, very touched might begin to cover it.

I will wear the pin always and proudly.

I believe that many boys get discouraged with things in their lives Daddies, work, what have you it is the reinforcement of the people in their lives which feeds that desire within them to serve. A Sirs, kind "good boy", or a gesture by someone in their lives that makes them feel that they are part of something great. Wanted and needed and, hopefully, in some small way making a difference..

I thank you so much for including me in your special family Ma'am.

As always, at your service,
boy d
Mama's Super Boy

Dearest Mama,

You have been a wonderful friend. A person I can always talk to. The inspiration to become. The one who always chase my scare dreams away. The one I run to for warm hugs. I want to thank you so much for blessing my life. Because of you I am the person that I am. Happy Mother's Day to the greatest Mommy in the world.



I love you your a great inspiration, thank you for being a part of my life.

Your Leather Cub
Michael Greenberg

Dear Mama,

I remember a happy little boy who knew he was different from his mates in Eastern France... Somehow he survived incest, gay bashing, public humiliation, depression and suicide attempts. Someday, as he was dealing with his desire to live his life far away from all those nasty people, he decided to leave everything he had in his country to realize his dream of living free in a safer place. He happened to be in Paris once in a bar called "the bear's den" (what was he doing over there, huh?) when he found an article about Mama, her family and all the good things she's done for the community in San Francisco. He was so impressed, and so deeply touched by the pure kindness in her look that it gave him the faith to leave France for the US. A few months ago he finally met her by chance as he was working next door from Marlena's, that was truly amazing. Then he happened to see her again, either in the newspapers, either in the flesh at different events in the city, but never really had the opportunity to talk to her... Well, today I just want to thank you, Mama, because you are such a great inspiration to all of us out there. The only thing I could ask from you would be a big hug, because I want to know how good it feels to be in the arms of an Angel. So thank you, Mama, and I hope I'll be part of your family someday.



I am ever honored and humbled to have been added to your family. Such a great group of folks dedicated to the betterment of our community!

Just let me know what you need done!

Mama's Seattle Lthr Daddy
Jeff Henness

You will always be welcomed, honored & treasured up here (Seattle, WA). I hope we will get to see you again Mama!

Hugs in Leather,
Lillia, now WA State Wuzzy 2002

Dear Mama,

I am writing to thank you and all your community for the love you had for my cousin Brian. When my dad told me last week that they had found him dead I could only sit there in shock. Because of reasons I can never explain Brian and I had lost touch over the last few years, but he will always remain my favorite. He was my only cousin on my mother's side and the only one close to me in age. I look at pictures of us on vacation and remember how he always was the making all of us laugh. My mother did a search on the internet and found out about his leather lifestyle, needless to say she was slightly surprised. I admit I was in shock, but reading all the postings and messages I now know he belonged to a community that loved and adored him. I would love to know more of the person he had become. To me he will always be preserved as that outgoing teenager who taught me that being an individual was much better then being lost in a crowd. Thank you for helping me to cope with his passing.


Dear Mama

Congratulations on the GREAT success of your 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Emergency Fund Dinner (March 14, 2003). We are proud of you and The Family....and proud to be part of your Family!!!! Much love to you Mama.

From: Mama's News Paper Boy, Mama's Momi, Mama's Walter, Mama's River Dick, Mama's Golf Pro, Mama's River Max and all members of YOUR Russian River Family


Thanks to a mentor/person like yourself that the world is a better nne in some had an idea and make it come true 3years ago.

mama's shy boy

Dear Mama

I was deeply moved by last night's (BCEF Dinner March 14, 2003) event's. The food, company, location, and entertainment were all incredible. (Blessed Our Those Who Help One Another)

I strongly believe that our world is basically split up into two major categories of people.

1. The first group concentrates their lives on "Doing." They "Do" things as a means of accomplishing their individual goals in life.

2. The second Group concentrates their lives on "Being." Every thing they do is related to who they want to "Be" in life.

Therefore, "Doingness" is a function of your body. You "Do" things to get what you want from life." "Beingness" becomes a function of your soul and that state of "Beingness" drives everything you "Do" your life.

"Mama be proud of who you are..........."A human being, NOT a human doing."

God's greatest gift to his children was that made each of our "Lives Pointless." How do I know that, you might ask? Well, if God had a pre-defined purpose for our lives don't you think someone would have figured it out by now?

Therefore, I'm not going to thank you for the beautiful thing you did last night. Instead, I'm going to thank you for being such a beautiful and caring human "BEING."

God bless you and keep you safe
Aaron Baldwin
Mama's Poet


You are simply the best. I used to think that I was the type to do too much.. And then I met you.. Now I know I can't do enough.. Brava, Mama, you're an inspiration.

Steve Nail


Let's see, first a congratulations in writing to Mr. Michael DuMont for winning Mr. Hayes Valley Leather. Then Glenn Tanking (Saucey) for winning Mr. Daddy's; his beloved partner, the incomparable NOW EMPRESS SNATCH!, Steven Crawford; EMPEROR Michael Parsons and last night we got a new Mr. Edge Leather - Mama's Undertaker, Frank Vasconcella.....Congrats to all of you, all MAMA'S Boys!!!!!!! Yay!

Jimmy S. "Mama's Woof Cub"
Jimmy Strano

Dear Mama

Where should I start? You are truly one amazing person that has touched my soul very deeply. I have been very active in our wonderful community many years and not in recent times have I seen someone galvanize the Leather community such as you! It takes a force to pull the best together and this has been accomplished through your dedication and love. Though we have known each other by face over the past few years, I've gotten to know you better recently. When I walk down the streets of our Great City, you know you can be proud of me, because I'm very Proud of my Mama!

Brad Cavalier
Mama's Prime Beef

Hi Mama

As usual, it was great to see you! I always feel so good inside whenever I get the chance to be close to you! You truly are my Mama! I'm so happy that I have you in my life to provide that! Everyone needs a Mama and I couldn't think of another person to do it as well as you do! You have a huge family of children that all love and need you! I'm blessed to be part of this beautiful family! It's an absolutely wonderful feeling to meet and greet my leather brothers and sisters! I saw so many this weekend at Coronation and around town! I was very proud of the family, Mama! I heard so many compliments from people from out of town! It made me hold my head of even higher as I wore my 'Mama's Ebony Diva' pin with pride and said "I'm part of that family"! I love them all Mama, but especially you for being there for all of us!

Thank you Mama
I Love you,
Mama's Ebony Diva


Thanks for all your support. It's because of you that I have finally felt like I belong in the leather community. And you who inspire me to take this step by running for a Leather Title.

Thanks from the deepest spot in my heart.

Love You!!!
Mama's Saucey

Mama -

You have touched my life with happyness and being a good person. You have touched my heart with just being there hearing me and everyone speak. You have touched my soul wiht all that you do for the community.

I Love you Mama

Kevin Perdue
Aka Pupsparkie
Mama's Leatherpup

The Family

Going through Your Family Tree it is heart warming to see that A. I know most of the people listed, B. How wonderful to know that so Many of Us are still around. Thank You for a glimpse into My past.

Mahalo (Thank You) for being an inspiration to Me and Everyone who is fortunate to know You and be part of Mama's Leather Family.

" Let the World stop Turning, Let the Sun stop Burning, Let them tell Me Loves not worth going through, If it all Falls Apart I will Know deep in My Heart the only Dream that mattered Had Come True ...IN THIS LIFE I AM LOVED BY YOU" written and performed by IZ Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Aloha Nui Loa (Thank You from the Heart)

Hello Mama,

Let me tell you how much of an inspiration you are and have been to me. I will hold being your sweetheart to the utmost honor and respect.

Jon Rybka
Mr. MDLeather 2002
Mama's Sweetheart

Mama, I don’t know if you saw the editorial I did last month praising your good work. Here is the link:

I am so proud to know of you and your work. What a blessing you are to people far and near!!

Your admirer,
Lea Pierce

Hi Mama,

I wish you could be a spy in the room of every child on Christmas day when they open a gift from the Toy Drive. Keep an open heart that day... I'm sure the ANGELS will be sending you blessings to last you a lifetime. Congratulations!

Gary Virginia
Mr. S. F. Leather 96


You and your family are just awesome and have touched me in wonderful ways. What a gift you are! And how many smiling faces there will be on Christmas morning. It absolutely brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

Hugs and warm, warm wishes for a happy 2003.
Dirk Burns

You are the best Mama!!! Your efforts to make children have a Merrier Christmas brings me to tears! Thank you for all your hard work!

Chris Carnes

January 6, 2003

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt and Family

Dear Mama and Family,

On behalf of the children and families we serve with HIV/AIDS, I would like to thank you and all your supporters so much for their wonderful toy drive efforts. While I have not had time yet to go through the bags of toys, I do await with excitement for the opportunity to do so in the near future.

Your donation of $1,869.00 to Sunburst Projects, for camp sponsorships and the gift certificates for our teens are also greatly appreciated.

Over the last sixteen years, Sunburst Projects/Camp Sunburst has provided social psychological support that has had a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of HIV/AIDS infected and affected children, youth, and their families.

Camp Sunburst has been a place where HIV/AIDS affected children can develop a sense of security and personal identity, and learn skills needed to move into a happy productive adulthood. It is through continued nurturing and exposure to positive support programs like Camp Sunburst that children are able to develop life skills for a healthy and happy future.

Special people such as you all help us to continue our services to children and families living with HIV and AIDS. Thank you so much for all your generosity and your compassionate outreach and support of our programs.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
Warm wishes,
Geri Brooks, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Reference: Check #405456935, 12/11/02


CONGRATULATIONS! You are, as ever, amazing. I remember when you started the toy drive. Remi and I remember attending a few of the events, and bringing toys. As always, the Leather Family shows that at our core is a heart of gold, even if it is red on the flag! Thank you for all the hard work -- pass our congratulations onto the rest of the family!

David Kloss
IML 1979
and Remi Colette
(Your Toronto branch of the family)


We're always glad to help you out!  Thank you for being such a great leader for everything!!!

Doug Mezzacopa
Mama's Big D


I want to congratulate you on a wonderful year of fundraising you have accomplished, often exceeding your goals. Our community would be lost without your endless and tireless support and dedication.

Mike Greenberg
Mama's Leather Cub

Hi Mama

You asked me to write about the bag of hair from my Professors Anthropological trip to Africa. Which she decided to donate to Lochs of Love ( after I contacted you. You are a phenomenal resource and made it very easy to have coordinated such a donation from Guerneville. I don't know what happened to the hair after the donation, just that this experience could once again allow me to serve my community. As a long time ACT UPer and patient advocate, I see you with awe-- in your devotion, passion, and unlimited acceptance of love.

John Shaw

I wanted to thank you for including me in your family and also for the pin. It’s an honor to be included with all the great friends you have met over the years. Congratulations on this years toy drive (2002), we all knew you would accomplish your goal. I’m glad I had the opportunity to help with the drive this year and hope to be more help next year (2003).

Mama’s Action Man

Congratulations on a well deserved honor. Your work that continues to be done in San Francisco, crosses the miles of our nation, and touches the hearts of all. As our war against AIDS wages on, and the funds begin to dry up from some sources including the government, it is a comfort to know that there a those such as yourself that are out there, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

How beautiful you are both inside and out, and a shining example to the very large family that you have built across the country.

My best to you and a wonderful holiday season as it approaches.



Thank you for warmth and presence you have bestowed upon me by sending me the Family Pin. You have made my year and tremendously set the path towards the Leather Family and Community even more. The honor you gave me cannot compare to what lies ahead. And now as a new member of Mama’s Family, I hope to be and continue always be your faithful boy in the Family.

The Pin will always be worn with Leather Pride and with my family that I belong to. Thank you Mama, for all that you have done. You can count on this boy when you need help. You are the ‘Mama’ of them all. And we do love our Mama.

With all love,
Bonny Floyd
Mama’s Tech Boy

It is a great honor to become part of the family. Ever since we moved here, Ray had gently nudged us into a warm fuzzy place called "the family". As I do various service work for the different foundations I always remember who I can count on. And one thing always be sure of.... You can count on us. Please call whenever or where-ever you need a hand in doing anything.

With much respect and much love,
Thank you for organizing us!

Daddy Roger
Mama's Piercer's

Dearest Mama,

I just received my pin and I am the happiest and most Evil Daddy in the world! It is an honor and privilege to be a member of the prestigious family. I am wearing my pin with Evil Pride

Mama's Evil Daddy
Hilary N. Williams
Mr. Ebony Leather 2001

Dear Mama, and Brothers and Sisters in Leather,

Not twenty-four hours have yet passed since I became your most newly elected Title Holder, Mr. Hayes Valley Leather, 2003. The reality of it, and the entire evenings events are still like a dream, but I now realize they are a dream come true. When I first thought of entering the contest, I thought perhaps it would be a good entry level experience. I would compete with several other Leather Men, see what competition was all about and "learn the ropes" so to speak. Imagine my surprise, when on the Thursday before the competition, I found out I would be the sole contestant! Now I really had to deliver. How could I possibly disappoint those who had promised to support me, that I had asked to come and share that special event with me? I must tell you, I was pretty darned scared!

How could I possibly have known the "rush", the joy that would come from standing up there on that stage while you yelled and screamed and sent your energy to me. (I think Barry Bonds knows <G>) I must admit however that it wasn’t easy. The interview portion had me quivering in those leather boots I was wearing. It’s very difficult to answer a question from Mr. Marcus when you’re really thinking "where are my car keys and what’s the fastest way out of town"? Yet through it all, I kept reminding myself of the true reason I was there. I wanted to give back to the group that had taught me so much about the power of Community, to the family that had shown me that together, anything can be accomplished. I am so proud to have been chosen to represent a segment of that community, a segment that in it’s own right is so diverse it demands attention!. We will continue to seek recognition with leather and feathers, and with boots and sequins. Together we are a powerful force not to be ignored.

To you Mama, I send my Love, my thanks, and all of the winning tickets on the roll that you gave me last night <G>. To Michael , Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2002, you will always have a special place in my heart, and a car to drop pins and leather armbands in. You’re a tough act to follow my friend…..I’m gonna need your help. To James Holloway , Den Daddy, and Jack Garcia, Den Boy, thank you…I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. I’m sending a collective hug to those who inspired me to compete. They did so by being "out there" always in the forefront and always giving of themselves. Thank You Donna Sachet, Snatch, Chablis, Sheba and my special little fortune cookie, Suzie Wong!

This letter, which is now almost as long as Michael’s step down speech (oops), cannot possibly acknowledge all the people who should be thanked….the number alone is mind boggling. But, You know who you are, and I know who you are, and to me that is very special indeed. Lastly, but mostly, I must thank Marlena……You are truly a diamond among the rhinestones. May this coming year be one we will look back on fondly and proudly as successful and joyous.

As Always, Your Brother In Leather,
Mike Dumont
Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2003


I'm just back from Florida and the International LeatherSIR competition.  I just wanted you and the entire family to know how much you guys meant to me there, even if you couldn't be there. As each person passed by our auction baskets I got the chance to brag about our family and all they provided to help me in contest. When we call on the family to help, they seem to come through with more than we could imagine.

I am truly honored, and somewhat overwhelmed, at the support and kindness I have been blessed with since being adopted into such an amazing group of people.


Eric Partridge
Mama's River LeatherSIR
Northern California LeatherSIR 2002


I remember the very first time Daddy Ray Introduced me to you, a scared little boy from the Midwest, in a strange new city. He looked down on me and said. This is Mama, and from that time I have always looked at you as a great pillar in our community. Thank you for being who and what you are. As always, it's great to see you at the river, and what a supprise to be pined. Thank you.

Mama's Piercers
David McCammon (the boy)

Thank you so much Mama! I feel honored and proud to have been chosen to be a member of this loving family! I cannot express in words how excited and humbling it was to be pinned by you and welcomed. Thank you Mama! And to all my new Sisters, Brothers, Daddy's, Cousins. Nieces, Nephews and baby Mama's....hello!

Love and Leather,
Tobin Britton
AB Woman 2002
Mama's Daddi Ruff

All the best to you as well Mama. Our community (and I mean the queer leather community as a whole) would be lost with your support and love.


Hi Mama,

Just wanted to let you know that "Mama's Indian Warrior" aka "Chata" was overwhelmed on Sunday when you pinned him. He was in tears as we left the photo shoot. He has been one of your silent fans for years, and this was a real special moment in his life.

Thanks again, we're both PROUD to be members of the famous "Mama's Family", and look forward to being supporters of your efforts in the future.


David Differing
Mama's FedEx Man


You bless me with your response, and I honor you for are one of the world's treasures. I can only hope that one day I can be half the goddess you are and all of wonderful that is you. Stay beautiful, sexy, and above all else stay Mama.

Respect you,
Honor you,
And above all else

Mama's Junior

Mama -

Congratulations on the incredible year you are having!  Sometimes we don't know what our dreams are, until they begin to come true.

James Holloway
Mr. SF Drummer 2001
Mama's Rocket

Mama -

What a wonderful inspiration you are to all those around you... and what a treasure you are in my life!

Werner Tillinger
Mr. San Francisco Leather 1999
Mama's Leather Bear


This year was my first LeatherWalk. My partner Mario and I were EXTREMELY impressed by the production. What a great time we had! While we had a minor mishap at the beginning of the event, we got over it and really had a great time. You are one very impressive individual!

Thanks for all of your hard work and for being an anchor in the community.

Love you.
Mark Seeba

I only wish I could have been there (LeatherWalk 2002).... I have heard that whatever Mama's Family touches... usually turns to gold. (or should I say full leather?)

Jon MML2003

Mama you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for bringing us all together, and for inviting us into your heart and family. Love you Mama.

Vic Germany
Mama's Dyke Daddy



This was my first time at the Leather Walk, and I must say that it greatly exceeded my expectations. I had a fantastic time, there was truly a strong sense of FAMILY from the moment I arrived at Daddy's Bar before the walk, which continued throughout the afternoon.

Congratulations on the staggering amount of money that was raised for the Aids Emergency Fund and the Breast Cancer Emergency fund. I know that the entire Leather Community is very proud of you for this - just another in a long line of successful charity events you have produced.

While I won't be up for Folsom this year, I wish you and your entire leather family a fantastic Leather Pride week! See you all again soon.

Kevin C. Casey
California Leatherman 2001/02
Chairman, Los Angeles Leather Coalition

YOU sing my song, and that's more than I could ever hope for! Thank You... :)

ANYTHING!! for the Mama!

Mama's Dhaark Kniight

"- My heart beats around you where ever you go"

Mama's Master
SFL Daddy #17
Andre English

Thank you so much for the honor to be a part of your family. I have seen and admired for several years what the Leather family has done for the community. To be a part of something so great is the best feeling there is. Thank you for beig Mama, you are the soul of the Leather Family.

Wayne Olson
Mama's Bouncer

This will be the most successful walk ever! Your love, energy, and compassion are contagious. We are so lucky, not just in the Leather Community, but in the Bay Area at large to have such a loving person on our side, pleading for our causes and championing our rights. I hope you feel the love.

Donna Sachet
Mama's Diva

Hello Mama:

Just wanted to send a quick note to convey my pleasure and honor to have been included in your very special family!!! I have always admired your constant and tireless efforts striving to help the community in so many ways. Kudos to you and yours!!!

Most Sincerely
Max (Mama's Muscle Max)


How could we not want to hang out with your fabulous self? It's been an honor and a pleasure to get to spend some time with you and yours, and to help integrate our community. Between your family folk (in particular Tony and Dan) and Robert's gentility and hard work, among others, I have felt delightfully welcome at events hosted by the men's community, and have truly begun to feel like there is an entity called "the Leather Community" of which I am a proud citizen.

*deep curtsy to all*

San Francisco Dyke Diva 2002
Miss Billie

Hi Mama and family,

Thank you for being one of the most fun judges at the Ebony Contest!!  You made the contest most enjoyable for me. In a nutshell, you are absolutely amazing. Give my love to all the family members!

Hugs and Kisses,

Hilary Williams
Mr. Ebony Leather 2001-i may be a has been, but will never be forgotten LOL

aka Mama's Evil Daddy

I have asked myself "what can I do to make a difference?" and I have received my answer.... I am going to put the fun back into the club scene and, unlike so many promoters and producers out there, I WILL give back to the community.

You have given me the opportunity to make something of myself and I will succeed.


Jimmy Strano
Mama's Woof Cub

Dearest Mama and Family,

This weekend has been a whirlwind, with the Daddy's contest on Friday, the Cal Leather Family event on Saturday, and Up your Alley Street Fair today, whew!, I'm beat (and so were a few boys at the fair! ;-). I'm home now ready to hit the hay!. But before I do, I need to let you all know how grateful I am to have the privilege of being a part of such a wonderful, supportive Leather Family.

I've not known most of you for very long, I was pinned by Mama less than a year ago, and I know there are some of you whom I have yet to meet. But Friday night when I competed in the San Francisco Leather Daddy XX Contest, I was blown away by the number of Mama's family that were in attendance and were supporting me. The contest was difficult for me, I was thrown off by the fact that there was only one contestant, Me. But as awkward as it was for me, it was comforting to have my Friends, my Leather family and Mama right there to support and encourage me. I felt the support and heard the cheers, It truly made it easier for me to go through the contest.

This isn't the first time Mama's family has been there to support me, last year at every event I hosted at Daddy's, I knew I could count on Mama and the family to be there to support me and the cause, and I was never proven wrong! So tonight I want to say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart, for the support, the friendship, and the love you've shown me. Mama, you are truly an amazing woman, and I appreciate you more than words can express.

I expect that the coming year as "SF Leather Daddy XX" will be a busy, exciting, and I'm sure "interesting" year. It is my hope that Mama and the members of Mama's family will continue to be there to support me in my role as Leather Daddy XX, which will surely make the next year easier. My goal for the next year is that I can make you all proud, that I can do justice to the Title, and that I am able to make a difference in the San Francisco Leather community. It would be difficult to do it alone, but with the support, encouragement and love of Mama and my leather brothers and sister's, "We" can make a difference.

Thank you once again for the support, friendship, and love you've all shown me.

I welcome your insight, your wisdom and thoughts.

Yours in Leather,
Tony Koester
San Francisco Leather Daddy XX

Hi everyone, I totally echo Daddy Tony's message to Mama's wonderful family, of which I am also very proud to be a part of.
I am extremely happy that he and his dear partner Chris will be my new room mates starting from the latter end of this week. I look forward to a greater and stronger friendship, and mutual mentoring.

During these difficult times we need to stick together as a united Leather Family, when we do we can deal far more easily with all problems great and small.

Lone live the Leather Community, and especially Mama's wonderful family. We are indeed blessed Dear Mama to have someone so inspirational in our ranks.

I and I know all of my Leather Brothers and Sisters love you dearly.

Very sincerely,
Leather Daddy I
Alan Selby


On belief of Michael and myself, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be your Equal Partners.

We have our pins on our vests and everywhere we've gone, people have noticed them and asked what they're about. I tell them that we are a part of the greatest family of people on the planet and if they've not heard of you, then they must be
newbies to the leather community.

I've noticed that we are the only members of the family who live here in OK. That; in and of itself is an honor. We are proud to call you our Mama and with that pride goes our love and respect.

LOVE & KISSES from your Equal Partners,

Michael and nikkii

Hey Mama!

As the Leather Dyke Family, Charity Event's Producer, i know i echo all the female titleholders of our group when i say, how "incredibly valuable your contributions always are" in all the LDF endeavors. Without your support & encouragement i can't imagine how we could be nearly as successful as we are, in "creating family".

Thanks again to all those "Mama's BOYS" of yours... <wink>.

In Leather Faith, in Family & IN FUN!!!

ren davis phoenix

The last year of my life as Steve & Snatch has made me aware of who my real friends & family really are! Just 4 years ago i was living from day to day here in San Francisco not knowing when the next time I was going to eat. I had no friends and family to talk to, no Love in my life, no one to depend on or lift my spirits at all!

Then I met this wonderful women at the Russian River Eagle dressed to the 9 in all Leather with whips and cocktail in hand. During my number I took my penis dildo and stuck it down here corset and put my sunglasses on her. The smile on her face screamed...."LOVE"!...A couple weeks later I got an e-mail about her wanting to send back the penis gun & sunglasses and from then on in I have never felt so close to a real mentor!...The leather scene used to be at little scary to me, until one faithful day I walked into Daddy's Bar and saw how happy and proud everyone was while wearing their finest Leather...I am so proud & so dedicated to be part of The Best Leather Family In The WORLD!...As for my alter ego.. "Snatch"...well, what can I say?...I thank each and everyone of you who support me in everything I do...especially you.. "Mama"...Because Snatch is here to stay and in 2003 it will be "The Year Of The Snatch"!...because of everyone of my friends who I call.. "My Leather Family"...With the Love of my partner "Mama's Saucey".. Glen, we will always be there for our family & friends!

With All My Love!
Steven Crawford
"Mama's Snatch"


Thank you for taking the time time to thank me. but it's because of you I'm a better person today. If there is anything I can do for you at any time let me know and I will be there.

Love Kat

Just would like to briefly express how amazing you are to me. And thank you.

You, unknowingly, helped a very dear friend of mine. Which in turn, helped me? You helped my friend relearn how to connect with himself. Now, many many persons are going to benefit, (in the correctness and for the good of all), from his talent.  Your support of one person is going to effect so many lives. Some of which you may not even know.  It seems to me, YOU are nothing but an angel in this world.  Your dedication to your Family and to others is an inspiration to all.

Thank You,
Johnny M.

Just thought you'd like to know that was my very first San Francisco Pride and although I have been to many around the country this one will always be very special to me. I met a lot of very caring and loving people, a few stars, and got to perform to one of the biggest audiences I have EVER been in front of and still had all my clothes on :)

It was most special to me as I got to march with a family that I am proud to call my own. In leather (and Glitter) WE ARE FAMILY.

I am proud to be a member of this tribe of Magical people, both as a member of the River Sisters and Your Family, who accept me as easily as I accept them. I am constantly reminded that one voice can make a difference so I just keep shouting at the top of my lungs until the chorus cannot be ignored.

This Sunday will be in my heart always.

With Love and Respect,
Mama's River Matrix

After some time now I feel I can finally express myself. The birthday weekend at the river was everything it should have been and quite a bit more. I was actually overwhelmed and in shock as to the emotional level that built and built from Saturday morning until Saturday night. I have never fought so hard in my life to keep the emotions in control, in order to complete the task at hand. I have never in all my producing of events, had one so incredible. When given such a rich pallet of color, as this woman gave me in which to paint, there could have been no other outcome. The river family is to be heralded as a prime example of the pure essence of the heart. Without them, this "would not" have happened. To my wife, may you always walk beneath all the colors of the rainbow. You will always be the heart of the flag that waves through us all.

Your Husband Ray Tilton


You know that what goes around comes around. Your Karma is so up there that you will always have the best, in family, friends, and life. What a wonderful experience to have been a part of such a wonderful birthday.

Love Dennis Silva
Mama's Silva Den Daddy

Last night (Sunday June 2, 2002) was awesome.  When I looked around and saw all the different men and women that were at you party, it was overwhelming.  You have been a very uniting force in our community.  You have brought the men, the women, the drag queens, the trannies, the old leather guard and the new leather guard together, like no one else has before.  Mama, they stand behind you because you set an example of hard work, commitment, and compassion.  I am proud to be at your side.

Your love,



I just want to extend a Deep Heart Warming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of your family. You are such a role model for a lot of us. As I go from one event to another I see the effect that you have on alot of people. You give the world alot of unconditional Love which comes from within your own Heart, and that is very improtant, especially with all that is going on daily basis. I wish more people could be like you.

With this I say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA, may you have many more to come.

Thank you for making me a part of your family, I feel so Blessed.


Love and Kisses
Mama's Grand Duchess
Our Lady of Pasta
Angelina Josephina Manicotti

Hi Mama,

I had such a wonderful time last night! I'll have to admit that I was a bit nervous at first, this being the first time that I actually got a chance to meet and greet your lovely family as a newly born. You know, you always worry about what people might think of you and if you'll fit in. Well, let me say that you taught your children well! I've never been treated with more respect and felt such love anywhere else. Everyone was so open and loving! We talked and shared everything from conversation to food and bonded like a real family should. The people I met last night, are friends that I am proud to say are my family!

You're a great Mama and you have a wonderful family. It was a real pleasure to hear and participate in the cheers and toast in your honor! As our Mama, you're all that and a million more!!!

Love you,


You are a spectacular, loving, giving, understanding and non-judgmental person. God bless you for that. I feel very honored to know you and have the most deepest respect for you. Thank you for all you do. My late partner did not have a chance to participate in going to your events but I'm sure he is looking down from the heavenly skies and applauding you for the fantastic job you are doing.

Thank You again,
Carlos Medal

Mama: Once again you've proven that truly ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, I would like to take this opportunity to applaud and salute you and the entire BCEF committee on a simply superb event last Friday night at the First Officer's Club at Fort Mason. This event clearly shows that through planning, team work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment that ANYTHING is possible. This event was truly a family effort.

Count me in for next year definitely, people like you Mama are are the true embodiment of what our Leather Family can and should be all about, if it is true that actions speak louder than words than HONEY! your actions speak volumes to me at least. I am honored to be a member of your family and I'm looking forward to working more closely with you from now on whenever where ever needed. Thank you so much for including me in your events. I remain ever ready willing and able to assist you whenever you contact me.

Yours Truly in Leather
Mama's Fraternal Leather Servant

Mr. Keith Truitt


Delighted that Friday night (BCEF Dinner 3/29/02) was another success for you. You work so hard on these events, and your passion shows from the heart. As you may recall, I mentioned in our telephone conversation last week that Jeff's mother is a survivor of breast cancer, so your cause is right at home in our family. We love you for your endless energy for causes that you believe in, we love you for being who and what you are, we love you for bringing a smile from the heart, we love you for being our icon in the leather community, we love you for being; Mama!

Carl & Jeff

Hi Mama,

This Tianna De Ville. Do you remember me? I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to see you each and every time that I do! I've always admired you, the things that you do and the classy way that you carry yourself! I must say that from deep within my heart, I am so very proud of you! To see the respect that you command with your just presence alone is so awesome!

I've seen you in the community so many times and have always wanted to meet you. I'm pretty sure that you won't remember this particular incident, but this is the first time that I came to realize how wonderful and special that you truly are. A few years ago, before I began my transition, I came to the Castro Street Fair with my two young daughters. There were so many people
there, but as I've always done, I have exposed them to all aspects of the Queer Community so that they can see life as it should be. Well to make a long story short, you were up high on a balcony near Castro and 18th tossing beaded necklaces to the crowd below. Well the girls really wanted one of those necklaces, and you spotted us and threw my oldest (who was only 5yrs at the time) one. But as she reached for it, this guy jumped in front of her and pulled it out of her hand. She started crying, you saw this and yelled for him to give it back. Well the crowd parted and you threw another two for my girls. I said thank you at the time, but never got to tell you how much that meant to me! I really love my girls even though I don't get to see them that often. And that moment in my life will always mean more to me than I can really say. I felt so much love for you that day and every time I see you, I still feel that warmth and love that I did that day. I remember you said to me when I talked to you the other night, that you felt a real closeness and a bond with me. Well there has been a bond between us for long time and that's part of why you feel that. There is more to this bond than that as well! Just know that my love and respect for you is endless!

Thank you for being as sweet and gracious to me as you've always been. I hope this year will bring us much closer together. Maybe some day being part of your vast and wonderful family.

If there is anything that I can do to ever help, don't hesitate to call upon me.

Much love,

Beauty comes from the heart Mama..... and with a Mama like you...... well we take after you so we would have to be Gorgeous!

boy Andrew

Mama, You are the core to our light! Thank you for inviting me to walk with the family! It was great seeing everyone and spending a couple of days down in your beautiful city!See you on Saturday at the anniversary party!

In Leather we are Family!!!

Love Cheesey

Thank you Mama, you have led us with such a good example. I will always be proud of the day you made me a part of this beautiful family. Thank you so very much.

I'm sure to see you soon,
Mama's Mangina
Manley Lennox.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for welcoming me into your family as "Mama's Recruiter". I was very touched and honored.

Michael Sousa
Mama's Recruiter

Dear Mama:

I was overwhelmed to receive Mama's Moo Cow. Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of such a great family. I look forward to great times and alot of hard but enjoyable work. No matter what happens on 2/16/02, I wanted you to know that you can always count on me for help, just ask.

AKA Collette LeGrande
Mama's Moo Cow


It was nice seeing you last night. Just wanted to wish ya Happy Valentines have become a special part of my life. You definitely have filled that empty place in my heart, with love, happiness, and respect. Thank You. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, so I am sounding all emotional (tear in my eye). I love you. Take Care. See ya this weekend.

Love, your Rock Hard Boy, Michael

Hi Mama,

I wanted to express to you my deepest appreciation for your pinning me and welcoming me as part of your family. I have admired your strength, poise, humor and beauty for years. I sincerely respect your work in the Leather community. You are someone that I truly look up to with the greatest amount of respect.

I am honored. Thank you for my "Mama's Pimp Daddy" pin.

Your Pimp Daddy,
Calvin Gipson

Dearest Mama,

There can never be enough words I can ever express to you the way I feel. You have always been the light of my life, the guide to my future, and the friend I hold dear to my heart. Thank you, for sharing your love with me through the years.

Happy Valentine Day's my Dearest Friend!!!!!

Mama, with much love. You are such an inspiration! And thank you for being in my life as a ray of light.

San Diego


Thank you

I have been truly blessed to be a part of your family and have the experience of you in my life.

Again Thank you

Reigning Monarch
The Golden Starfire Emperor Tom Basch
Mama's Tom Boy

Mama Reinhart is a wonderful woman who has a wonderful family! Here in San Diego, the sisters of LASH (the local women's leather club) recently had a toy drive for one of the shelters in the area. I sent out the announcement to my whole mail list, Mama being one of the recipients. She wrote me a sweet e-mail back saying she couldn't be here, but that her family wanted to donate toys. She sent me a HUGE box full of wonderful toys that her family had collected for the little kids!

This is just an example of the generosity of Mama and her family. Wonderful group of people and well worth taking the time to get to know...!

Annie Romano Blas
Ms. World Leather

Hello Mama,

Wishing you love and light, sparkling happiness and a sprinkling of truly delightful surprises.  You are a fabulous soul, Mama, and your boys are truly wonderful, gentle men. It is a joy and great honor to be welcomed into your family.

much love, respect and admiration,
Sister Sparkle Plenty
Mama's River Sparkle

As a new nun and as an old title holder, I have always adored you since moving here in 98...and I guess this is a long about e-mail to simply say, I would be thrilled and honored if you were ever to call upon me to help out at any time. I am tremendously in your debt and hope I can be of assistance to you whenever you need me. Thank you for being such a supportive and charitable part of our community, dear!

Love and glitter to you...
Novice Sister Constance Craving...a pair of chaps or a man wearing them
aka Jay Dwyer (Mr. SF Bear 99)

Mama, I can not tell you how honored I am, to now be one of your BOYS', and an actual member the S.F. Leather Community, If you should ever need anything , please do not hesitate to call upon me.  Once again, Thank you so very much for including me, with open arms, into your Leather Family

Love Ya,


A gracious 'HOWDY' from your 'RIVER STUD', Nathan! I wanted to let y'all know... If it hadn't been for the addition of your kind thoughts & prayers, my little sister, Laurel, might not be home from the hospital right now!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING y'all do for people plus the Extra-special Honor of being one of your Family! XO!

Peace, Blessings & Hugs,

Nathan Kalana



Sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch with you on the web. I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

I just want to thank you and the rest of the family for being so wonderful, kind and supportive in allowing me to be a part of your lives.

I want you to know that I am sincere in saying that it has been a very very long time since I have felt a part of any family and this truly feels like home to me.

Your generous spirit and devotion to the community is a spirit that is rarely seen.

You are indeed an angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the gracious, loving person that you are.


jimmy strano

Mama -

It has been a great pleasure watching your continued success as a very positive public figure and role model to our community. I don't know if you ever just kick back and reflect on all the incredible gifts you are giving to the community, but I do, and I think you are the type of person that is so very rare and plugged-in that I am extremely moved by your dedication and courage. More times than I can count, I have had a lump in my throat and goose bumps while watching you 'work it.'

When we all sit down to dinner on Thanksgiving, I will most certainly raise a toast in your honor. Although I am middle-aged, there is still a little girl in me that looks at you and says "That's what I want to be when I grow up."

You are unspeakably beautiful.


Dear Mama,

As I live each day of my life I am so thankful that you are apart of it. I may not write you as often or call you each and every day, but you are always on my mind and so close to my heart. Thank you my dearest friend for being so good to me, believing in me, and always loving me. Have a Happy Turkey Day.



First of all, Bruce and I want to thank you for the pins. Really, your names for us are quite perfect [Mama's Criminal and Lawyer] . One thing is, we hope you never have to facilitate Bruce's services... thus making Bruce REALLY your Lawyer [he IS in criminal defense].

Anyway, DO let us know when and where you may need us for help, or whatever you may need with any of your Fund & Consciousness-Raising efforts!

Once more, thanks. We love you!

Barry and Bruce.

My Dearest Wife, Mama, and Friend,

To walk alone in life is something the heart cannot do. We are set upon paths alone, as one, at first. If our hearts guide us through these journeys, it gathers many. The greatest gift we have, love, is there from start to finish. It makes the difference, and forces the path to constantly, ever widen, to encompass all the good. I hope, within this path I walk, there will always be room for someone like you to walk it with. From my greatest joys, and shining moments, the walk with you has been one of light. I'll always burn down buildings for you, if that's what it takes. Forever and always,

Your-Lil Drummer, Ray Ray, Husband, Drama Queen and "Friend Beyond The Stars"

Dear Mama,

Thank you so much for the honor and privilege of welcoming me into your family. I know that I am in good company, and look forward to knowing you better, and my brothers and sisters as well.  I am proud to be a member of your leather family. and proud to be a member of the SF Leather Community.

Thank you again, Mama!.
With Love,
Yours in service
Tony Koester

Congratulations Mama,

Another triumph for you, It was a great and historic time. What a thrill to see that magnificent Flag being raised on to the staff. I am so happy to have been able to be there, and a part of it. Best to you always, long live our loving Leather Community, and our Mama!!

Much love from Daddy Alan.


I have to say, seeing the Leather flag raise on Sept 23rd, was like a spiritual awakening for me. It also reminded me of how lucky and proud I am to be part of the leather community. Since I've been involved I feel I have found my second home. Especially in people like yourself.

Mama, I want to give you a special thanks for accepting me to be part of your family and your life. I couldn't be any luckier.

Thank you Mama.
With much luv.

Jack Garcia
Mamas Boy Toy
SF Drummerboy 2001

Hi Mama,

Thanks for the love and the encouragement. You are the kindest person I have ever met. Thanks for being my friend. It means the world to me. I have not been up for much socializing lately, but I will come around.

All my love,

Daniel - Mama's Bad Boy #2


Yesterday's event, SF Leather Walk 2001 - was one of the happiest days of my life! I had tremendous joy raising funds for this occasion and will do it over and over again!!

I truly believe to have found my place in in the USA, in San Francisco - and above all in your Leather Family! I will never know how I slid into this.........but one fine day - you just simply asked me to become one of your boys.........hence then, I'm "rocking & rolling" :-)

Mama.........I'm so happy you did! Thank you eternally!! :-)

Nothing in life is was all meant to be!

You will always have my undivided support!


Robert Hedric - Mama's Castro Boy


First, Thank-you. Not only for this moving note about our flag, but for helping make possible the biggest Leather Pride Flag I've ever seen fly above Castro Street this week for all to see. Although I was unable to attend yesterday due to work, I did see the flag later in the day when I came home. I looked out my window. When the wind blew and the flag shown, from my window I could see the whole top half. In other words I saw a GREAT BIG RED HEART from my window. I felt so proud at that moment, knowing that I was part of something that big.

Again THANK-YOU for that Big Heart of YOURS and the one I now see from my window this week.

Hugs & Blessings to you,


What can be said about yesterday? (Leather Walk 2001) Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and bringing history to the leather community and inherently the gay community as a whole. You are a San Francisco icon and will touch gay peoples lives for years to come in ways that you may or may not even realize. You give love unconditionally and as a result teach us to love ourselves and each other with the same unconditional strength. You show us how to be strong, not with power, but with the gentle touch of our hearts. You show us its ok to laugh and its ok to cry, but most of all its ok to love! The flag that was raised yesterday not only stands tall for the world to see, but wraps us, the community in it like the blanket of a child and gives us comfort and safety knowing we are here together. To be in the front of this great walk looking back and seeing the amount of peole walking hand and hand, with love, honor, and respect was not only a great honor for me personally but just one more beautiful gift that you have given me to be a part of this great history. If there is any thing more that I can say, it is that we all are a reflection of whats in front of us and that is you and we are your children and I love you and thank you for letting me be a small part of this great effort, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

In your love we are family,


Mama's Fire!


Congratulations on making your goal and making your dream come true for Leatherweek. You truly are
inspiration and its an honor knowing you. You help so many people along with your huge leather family...

Again, Congratulations



You know - even in FL. I had to think of you a few times and every time I did, I had to smile. You truly enlighten lots of peoples hearts. :-) Thank you for being you and you were a blast yesterday too. Have a good time in Dallas and always a safe trip.


Mama's Castro Boy - Robert

Dear Sandy:

I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and precious gift of time and energy you always give to the leather community of SF I know I don't talk to you often but I want you to know of the tremendous respect and admiration I have for you.

Thank you
with much Love

Rob Esmonde
Mama's Fox

Thank you for being our Mama. Just as I wonder at and admire Elizabeth Taylor for taking up our cause and championing funding for AIDS research, so I admire and applaud you for choosing our Community as your life's work. We are tremendously fortunate to have you among us, with us, and leading us to bigger and better days!

Donna Sachet
Mama's Diva

Mama, I don't know where to begin. You have touched my life in more ways than I can count. Being so new to the leather community, I'm not always sure which way to go or whom to turn for the right advice. Your family has been the answer to all the questions I've had.

I'll never forget the day we met, you flogged my bare ass right in front of Daddy's.  A moment that has been forever been captured on film. Because of your generosity, I  now have that moment hanging on my bedroom wall, just above my Mama's pin.  Where seeing you everyday gives me strength and reminds me that I am loved and supported by one of the greatest families ever to exist!

You have been my MAMA supporting and inspiring me in my first year as a leather man and as a title holder. The family has guided and directed my growth as a person who represents this community. At IML 2001 you and The Family were there to cheer us on as we stood proud on that stage, shaking at the knees. You and The Family calmed my fears, and made me feel so proud to be there, I had the time of my life!    Never to be forgotten...

Daddy Ray, *sigh*    You have helped me grow and make decisions that are important to my future as a leather man! You are truly Mamas Husband!

Walking behind you, Mama, in the Pride parade gave me such a feeling of unconditional acceptance, and love that I could do nothing else except be PROUD to be a part of MAMA'S Family!!!

My aspirations are that some day  I too, can make a difference in someone's life as you have made a difference in so many.  The pride that I feel being a part of your family will shine through the rest of my life!

Mama, I love you!!!

In Leather We Are Family!!
Love,  Jeff Miranda
Mr. Alameda County Leather 2000
Mama's Tow Boy

boy joe and I are very happy for are the epitome of class and I know that we are very proud to have met you and to be associated with you as your boys. Please feel assured that any praise or thanks you get is well deserved. I am very happy that the leather community in SF made a wonderful choice as their representative. Perhaps you can come to Atlanta sometime in the near future as our representative, we could sure use a good strong and positive image for our community. We are fortunate to have a good group here, but we could always use someone of your class to up the notch a bit. Anyway, please be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we will continue to humbly represent you with our presence here in Atlanta and wherever our travels take us.

Love ya and keep up the good work

David and joe
Mama's Georgia boys

You looked like a conquering heroine riding in a victory parade, as you stood tall and proudly in your chariot. The men and boys who were your stud team pulled you with ease and with style.

Those of us who prepared your chariot are delighted to have had a hand in seeing that you got your wish. Angel, you make others wishes and dreams come true. To be able to return the miracle in some small way was wonderful for us.

Please know that Carl Hack and Glenn Belcher put in an equal amount of work on your chariot. It truly would not have happened without the three of us. Glenn was like a little pit bull in finding the chariot and, in working on it every day.

You should have seen Glenn with team, giving them instructions like a drill sergeant...making certain that each man and boy knew what to do and reminding each that they had precious cargo in their charge.

If I live to be a hundred, I shall never forget your glorious day in the sun

In Brotherhood and Hides,


I am so proud of you. You have outdone yourself this year and with all our losses this year we needed a community leader to step forward and keep the spirit of our leather family together. Congratulations ten fold!!!

Love you,

Bob Brunson
Mama's Party Stud

I just wanted to say that I have watched the tape of the parade (SF Pride June 24, 2001) over and over and over again, and I myself was very disappointed with the news coverage.  They did not show you at all, and when they talked of the Leather Community I was sure you would be the center of the interview, well I guess it is their loss.

Mama, I just wanted to say how proud and honored I was to be chosen to pull you in the parade, that was a great honor and I do not think I will ever be able to express how I felt.

Mama, in all my experiences I have never met a person like you who gives her heart and soul to all around her, you are truly an inspiration to us all, and I hope that someday the community will all come to realize that you are what the words Pride and Community truly stand for.

My boy Steve was very happy to finally meet you he has heard so much about you, and when I introduced you to him, he said to me "Dad now I know why you speak so highly of her, she is a wonderful person". He looks forward to helping you in the future with any fundraisers you may have, so who knows Mama, you may have a newborn on the way sometime soon.

Well Mama, I hope all is well with you and that we will have a chance to see you over the fourth of July holiday.

With Respect and Love
Mama's Lil Pup

So proud of you and your achievements!


David Kloss

I was so awed by the parade Sunday (SF Pride June 24, 2001) that it's taken me a day to collect my thoughts. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to march with the leather contingent in my first SF Gay Pride. How honored and proud I felt to be there to support you and your boys and the leather community. From the tigers in the lead, to the bikers, to our winged Grand Marshall in her chariot, to those of us who marched behind, the Leather Contingent was a class act all the way! Truly a spectacle! And I was amazed at the reception we got from the crowd. Travis told me that San Franciscans love Mama and love their leathermen and women. I guess he's right. Since I've moved up here, I've often heard the phrase "In Leather we are Family", and Sunday I felt it - I felt part of something grand and yet familiar and comfortable. I felt like part of a family. And when your gracious thank you showed up on my e-mail, I wondered if was us who should be thanking you!  There is no need to reply, I just wanted to express my feelings and let you know how much it meant to a fledgling leatherman who is just now finding his own wings.

Bruce Wilkinson

I would like to share an article written by one of my boys when it was announced I was elected Grand Marshal

Pride Gets Prouder!!

By Mark Paladini
Mama's Big Boy

"I am overwhelmed by being voted as Grand Marshal for SF Pride this year.  My family and I will represent the diversity of San Francisco and the leather community that gives so much back to the community."  Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt modestly says as her boys - the "family" she has created -  like children around a holiday table waiting for a wicked slice of mom's apple pie, anticipate the moment she will guide the crowd and lead the way as she always does.  With her heart.

A lover loves. A teacher teaches. A leader leads. Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt is doing what comes naturally.  All of these, and more.  Now, as a Grand Marshal of the LGBT Pride parade, she is about to be ambassador to the people she loves in the presence of close to a million people.  Pride just got a whole lot prouder.

Perhaps it is her elegance, conceivably her charm that attracted so many votes.  A true mother herself, there is no question as to the wisdom of her advice; however, she would be the first to deny it.  Modesty is her most becoming feature.  A true leather woman, her capacity for giving seems
limitless.  Her power lies in the way she sees the world, a brilliant place with countless room for love.  Her most precious gift is the way she passes that vision to others.

I often wonder if the community would be so strongly connected if there were no Mama.  Then I think, it was meant to be, so why wonder.  Mama, unwittingly, will always be our strength.

Congratulations Mama!

A Gracious Hello!!

This letter is to let everyone know how proud I am of Mama and of our very L A R G E  family. Thirteen years ago, when we were just “hanging” out on the weekends At the Phoenix Bar, and discovering the leather lifestyle at The Eagle, I would never have guessed that the word MAMA would become a household name in so many of our homes.  Since 1988 I have had the privilege of being by Mamas side all the way. Even though I am not by her side since I moved to Palm Springs, its more over the phone (where else would you expect Ernestine to be of help? ) I am very honored to be a part of such a diverse family.  The number of  Mamas boys keep growing and growing. I hope all continue to do Mama proud wherever we are. I look forward to seeing you all  at SF Pride this year when we get to see our Mama on stage representing the leather community like no other has!

All my love........


                         MAMAS  SLAVE

Meeting Mama has been wonderful and has been a light in our lives.  She is a very gracious and sweet person as well as being a force in the community.  There isn't any of the super ego problems you so often find in leaders.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to work on BCEF with Mama.  We have raised funds for Breast Cancer for over seven years with it going to various organizations.  BCEF under the guidance of Mama and Peter is the kind of organization that can really do some good for men and women suffering from this deadly disease.  We have long been part of the leather community by giving that community its first stage at celebration for its members to talk and perform.  Gail produced International Ms. Leather in 1989.  Not everyone wears their leather the same way.  We know that how we feel and live our live is what matters to us and we want that right for all members of the leather and other communities.


Gail Wood and Linda Lopez-Wood